About Brighton Conservation Volunteers

You may still have some questions about the group. Hopefully they will be answered below but if not please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

  1. Who are we?
  2. What do we do?
  3. Where do we work?
  4. What do we want from our volunteers?
  5. What sort of people volunteer?
  6. What about transport?
  7. Are children welcome?
  8. Are animals welcome?
  9. Can disabled people participate?

Who are we?

Brighton Conservation Volunteers was formed in January 2002 from another local group. We bring together people of widely differing ages, interests and backgrounds. But all have one thing in common: a wish to play an active role in protecting and enhancing the natural environment for the local community.

What do we do?

Some of our recent outings have involved planting trees, building steps, stiles and fences, cutting and burning scrub invading rare chalk grassland and clearing ponds of invasive plants. On all tasks we aim to have at least one member of the group who is trained in first aid.

Where do we work?

Mostly in and around Brighton and Hove although we are taking on more projects in East and West Sussex. We have recently worked in woodland around Uckfield, on downland near Ditchling and Fulking, on the beach at Shoreham and on a regenerated meadow at Ansty.

What do we want from volunteers?

Essentially enthusiasm. Everyone has some skill or ability of value to the group — all we want is for people to contribute in their own way and at their own pace. You don't have to be fit or experienced... only willing. You can decide your own level of commitment — we'll just be happy to see you.

What sort of people volunteer?

Volunteers come from every conceivable background with experiences to match. Some of us are retired, others work as freelances, giving up a day a week to help the group. We also have students and unemployed — some seeking a career in nature conservation or wanting to keep active and play a part in the community.

What about transport?

We usually provide a minibus to take volunteers from the pick-up point to the work site. Sometimes we may call on those volunteers with cars to help us out.

Are children welcome?

If you wish to bring a child out with you please ring us first. Accompanied and well behaved children over the age of 16 are usually no problem.

Are animals welcome?

We don't encourage people to bring their pets. If you wish to bring a pet with you please ring us first as it may be possible in exceptional circumstances.

Can disabled people participate?

Because of the nature of the work the group do it might be difficult to accommodate some disabled people. If you ring us we can decide whether your disability will prevent you participating.