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2013-12-08 11:23:45 STILL GOING STRONG We've now been in existence for twelve years... but no celebrations are planned. Instead we'll reflect on past achievements.
Details: Since we began we've worked for many organisations and local groups, most notably Brighton and Hove City Council. We've been largely self sufficient -- but with the current straitened times cash flow could be a key factor in how long we can keep going. Anyway here's a figurative toast to the future.

2012-09-02 03:22:59 GROUP AWARDED COUNCIL GRANT BCV's immediate financial future has been secured following the award of an environmental sustainability grant by Brighton and Hove City Council.
Details: The money -- £2,500 -- will be spent on transport, renewing equipment, publicity and insurance. And doubtless there'll be a few pence left over for an extra packet of biscuits or two.